Rocktree launches new Remote Operations and Technology Centre

HoloLens, the mixed augmented reality smart glasses

Singapore – 23rd November 2021: Rocktree, the leading global logistics solutions provider for the dry bulk markets, today announced the launch of its new Remote Operations and Technology Centre (ROTC) in Singapore.

The ROTC has been developed to create transparency across Rocktree’s transhipment operations, which includes a highly diversified fleet of over 40 assets comprising specialist Offshore Floating Terminals (OFTs), multipurpose vessels, and a number of tugs and barges. The ROTC will automate the company’s data collection and monitoring processes in order to fully understand the performance of its vessels. From this, the company’s operations can be continuously monitored and analyzed, with insights generated to influence decision making - highlighting areas where efficiency gains can be delivered to ensure peak performance. This will reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions and costs, as well as drive sustainability. It will also enable Rocktree to increase the amount of cargo volume that is handled, and further improve loading performance for the benefit of its customers.

The delivery of the ROTC has involved collaboration and partnership with a number of industry experts across key areas. Firstly, the ROTC will utilize Kongsberg’s Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem to facilitate the efficient and secure capture and aggregation of data from vessels. Liebherr has been brought on board to implement its LiDAT (Liebherr Data Transmission and Positioning) System, enabling the online collection of machine data and the supervision of cargo operations to report on machine usage and their condition. The ROTC will also include oil condition monitoring sensors from Leo Maritime, to enable real time and accurate analysis.

Rocktree will also use a custom designed Real Time Fuel Monitoring Solution, incorporating Coriolis fuel flow meters for each source of emission. The system is designed to have a robust and reliable fuel management control in place to accurately measure, monitor and report fuel consumption during day-to-day operation, as well as for refuelling. By increasing fuel efficiency, reducing downtime and repair costs of machinery, and reducing waste oil, Rocktree can further improve the safety and sustainability of its operations.

Finally, improving the efficiencies on how Rocktree manages employees’ time is also an important aspect of the ROTC, where the company is looking at how it can reduce the need for HQ staff to physically travel to the vessels to perform maintenance and supervisory jobs. To facilitate this, Rocktree is utilizing HoloLens, the mixed augmented reality smart glasses, which use multiple sensors, advanced optics and holographic processing to display information and simulate a virtual world of vessel machinery for shore-based staff.

Commenting on the development, Giovanni Colotto, Managing Director, Italy, Rocktree commented:

“We fully understand the point of rapid transformation that the industry is under, and the demand to focus on increasing operational efficiencies to improve sustainability and the impact on the environment. Transparency and access to data is at the heart of developing this pathway to sustainability, creating a baseline of knowledge from which to operate where we can determine the current emissions output, in conjunction with actively monitoring and analysing the performance of our operations to generate insights and improve efficiencies. The Rocktree ROTC delivers this and will enable us to meaningfully contribute to improving the sustainability of our operations, as well as our offering and services to our customers through the efficiency gains that we deliver.”

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