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Specialist in transhipment services

Rocktree is a Singapore-based global dry bulk commodity handling company providing transhipment, storage and blending services to multiple customers including international traders, mining companies and end users. Rocktree has established its reputation for excellence in South East Asia over the last ten years, providing customized logistics solutions, simplifying the supply chain and enabling cost efficiencies for its clients. It has handled more than 147mt (million tonnes) of coal since inception and has emerged as a preferred transhipment partner across the region.

In 2018, Rocktree completed the acquisition of 14 tugs and barges and two transhipment vessels with storage capacity, RT Leo and RT Genova, in anticipation of accelerated growth and interest from other global regions. These assets allow Rocktree to offer integrated transportation services to clients, inclusive of barging and transhipment (jetty to vessel), while also improving operational flexibility due to the increased visibility of the scheduling of barges for unloading. The floating storage help clients maximize barge utilization leading to significant cost savings.

Building on its pre-eminent position in the market, Rocktree is exploring opportunities to extend this growth into new markets and enhance its diversification from coal into other commodities. Rocktree is experiencing increased interest from importing countries with current infrastructure challenges such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar. Meanwhile, exporting countries like Australia, Africa and South America are also seeking partners with high quality standards, eco-friendly and innovative solutions.

Expertise you can rely on

Rocktree constantly strives to be ahead of curve in understanding client requirements and in response, its OFTs (offshore floating terminals) are equipped with:

  • metal detectors;
  • metal separator systems;
  • moisture and temperature analysers;
  • certified cross-belt sampling systems;
  • tailor-made procedures to minimize risks to people, environment and assets.

Metal separator systems remove metal contamination allowing the clients to ensure the quality of their product. The moisture and temperature analyser installed on each Rocktree OFT utilizes near-infrared beam technology to continuously analyse the moisture percentage and temperature of coal on the conveyor system. This is supported by 24/7 CCTV monitoring of the vessels. Rocktree’s constant interaction with clients has enabled it to understand the market’s shift towards the use of geared vessels resulting in an additional shiploader upgrade in 2019.

A relentless focus on quality and technology

Rocktree focuses on continuous improvement and process mapping to automate and streamline processes, thereby reducing the need for human intervention. The company utilizes a combination of internally developed and market-based IT tools to monitor operations, improve efficiency, increase transparency and address logistical challenges. The company has developed a proprietary Cargo Scheduling Application (CSA) to consolidate information under one platform.

The CSA provides relevant operating information to management on a real-time basis in a secure environment. This allows Rocktree to recognize early operational bottlenecks and to adjust quickly to improve the overall scheduling process of the vessels. Further, Rocktree endeavours to reduce risks related to the safety of its operations.

The standards that Rocktree sets for its operations internally are consistently beyond the regulations of the locale in which it operates. By raising its own standards for health and safety, environment and quality, Rocktree aims to set new standards and drive increasing customer expectations of safety and quality for the benefit of the market as a whole. The company is compliant with leading industry standards: ISM Code 2010, SOLAS’74, ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001 2015 and ISO 18001 2007/OHSAS (DNV-GL).

One-stop-shop solution

With a proven track record of providing customized logistics solution, Rocktree has now established a subsidiary company, Rocktree Consulting, a shipping and logistics consultancy headquartered in Italy. Rocktree Consulting provides comprehensive consulting and advisory services across the whole supply chain with specific expertise in port, shipping, shipyards, barging and transhipment fields.

Rocktree Consulting specializes in conducting feasibility studies for the implementation of tailored practical and reliable logistics solutions. These solutions help overcome infrastructure challenges associated with ports with draft or other restrictions, frequently found in emerging markets. With sustainable economic development and continued demand growth for coal in South and South East Asia, Rocktree Consulting will provide advice on coal supply chains for upcoming power plants in the region.

In addition to coal, Rocktree Consulting also provides optimized supply chain solutions for the import or export of other dry bulk commodities, such as grains, iron ore, bauxite, woodchips, reclamation sands and cement or breakbulk cargo such as steel products, forest products and containers. Mr. (Capt) Mario Terenzio, recently joined as Managing Director of Rocktree Consulting. Terenzio, a Master Mariner, is a shipping and logistics expert, with over 30 years’ industry experience. He led logistics business development activities at Coeclerici, focusing on customized floating terminals and self-unloading vessels and founded Logmarin Advisors. He has global expertise in waterborne logistics with projects developed in 26 countries all over the world.

Thanks to the significant resources in terms of expertise, technology, network and know-how, Rocktree Consulting will enable the parent company Rocktree to provide a wider range of solutions building deeper and more strategic relationships with its customers by becoming involved earlier in projects, thereby adding strong expertise and greater value to the end-toend provision of logistics solutions. With the additional consultancy and engineering capabilities, Rocktree now offers a full suite of services: from conceptual study aimed to identify the client’s most efficient solution, to actual project implementation and operation, thereby offering a one-stop-shop solution.

Used with permission from Dry Cargo International

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